Michael's Crafts: Storing Your Personal Information

Recently, I went to a Michael’s craft store to return a Christmas tree. They had sent the wrong one, and refused to fix the mistake unless I sent it back, and only then would they refund me and send me a new one. I’d probably have another tree after Christmas! Horrible customer service from the get-go.

But that is besides the point. When I went to return the tree at a physical store, they asked for my ID. I thought, “Okay, that’s fine.” At least UNTIL they started typing my driver’s license number into their computer. I was shocked. A distressed pit growing into a mountain in my stomach.

Why do they need my personal information?

What if they ended up getting hacked one day? They’d have access to my phone number, email address, driver’s license number, physical address, age, birth date. You see where this is going?

Where does this start and where does it end? If Michael’s, a CRAFT store, is taking all my information, what’s next? Grocery stores? Electronic stores? Clothing stores? All it takes is one hack and my information is out there, just like that.

Protect your information! Don’t let stores scan your driver’s license. If they ask for ID, give them something other than your DL. We have a right to our own privacy, so stand up for it!

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