My Writing Process

This week I got to thinking about how everyone’s writing process is different from plotting to editing to publishing. I thought I’d share my process and how well it works for me!


This includes coming up with the characters, the setting, and the plot. I am a very visual person, so I often spend a lot of this time on Pinterest trying to find the right character inspiration images that best reflect what I had in mind for my characters. At this point, I have a vague idea of the setting and how the plot will unfold.

Also during this time, I will get random dialogue inspiration and I will have to quickly jot it down before I forget it. Sorry, hubby! Sometimes I just have to turn on the lights at 3 a.m.

First Draft

This is basically telling myself the story. Yes, there will be plot holes. Yes, there will be inconsistencies. But when I finally finish the last sentence of the book, the euphoria is amazing! I just finished a book! That’s something I should be proud of.

Second Draft

I don’t waste any time to start going through the second draft, as I don’t want to forget any details. In the second draft, I will fix inconsistencies, close plot holes, and do a light edit.

After I’m done with that? I set it aside. You heard me correctly. I just set it aside! The next time I look at my project, I need a fresh set of eyes.

Third Draft

All right, so my book has been set aside for a week or two, sometimes longer (if I am immersed in another writing project). Now what? The third draft is my least favorite round of edits. This is where I revise, reconstruct, and rewrite sentences and paragraphs. I add and trim. I incorporate feedback from beta readers. It’s awful. I hate the third draft. But the rigorous process really does make it so much better in the end.

Fourth Draft

This doesn’t take very long, as this is a quick sweep to find any remaining typos or grammatical errors. I combine this draft with formatting it in Word. After I’m finished with these drafts?

Then I send it to my editor and do it all over again.

If you aren’t completely sick of your story by the time the editing process is done, then you’re not doing it right! 😉

2 thoughts on “My Writing Process

  1. Yup – am totally with you about looking for the right character inspiration images! Continued success with your writing!


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