How I Decide What to Read Next

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When there are so many great books out there waiting to be read, how do I decide what to read next? Of course, I have a long list of books in my to-read pile on Goodreads. But even then, I don’t usually go down the list in order and read what’s on there.

The books I read, I often run into them randomly. For example, in a Newsletter I joined on a whim from Booksweeps, on a thread I found on Twitter, or it even coincides with whatever mood strikes at the moment. People even reach out and request for me to read their book in exchange for a review, and I often put those requests near the top of my pile.

Recently, my brain just ran into a wall, not wanting to read at all. But I’m hoping to come out of it as soon as I’m done with my current writing project. Here are the next two books on my to-read list, unless some random mood strikes before I get to them. I’m super excited to read them!

What if finding a husband meant losing her freedom?

Maydeline Shadow dreamed of adventures on the Five Seas, certainly not settling in the Northern Kingdom with any of her mother’s choice of suitors. But when her family’s secret is exposed, Maylie is forced by old rules to find a husband.

Taking matters into her own hands, she flees her colony and is thrust into an unknown world of magic, mermaids, and marauders with new and foreign rules. She must not only discover her own mystical abilities, but a wicked ploy to destroy her family.

If she chooses the wrong man, she could lose it all.
Can a human heart withstand the flames of a dragon’s soul?

For centuries, the dragons of Kalleen have ruled the skies. Blessed by the goddess of fire, those born of her power are destined to exist within two worlds, while fully belonging to neither.

As the youngest daughter of the dragon queen, Amelia has always been torn between her humanity and winged form. In meeting Stephen, she found a blossoming love that gave her hope of finding balance.

A dream destroyed when her sister, and future queen, sets her sights upon the same man.

Forced from her lover’s side, Amelia embraces a self-imposed exile, taking refuge in the northern mountains. In this new life of solitude, she banishes painful memories by retreating to her dragon form, sheltering the wounded girl within.

Yet it is an isolation that cannot last, as the new dragon queen’s cruelty bears down upon the kingdom, allowing an ancient enemy to rise. Drawn from her banishment by the pleas of friends, Amelia must choose. Will she embrace the destructive beast within? Or draw upon the frail humanity that lingers dimly in her soul, in a desperate attempt to help her people, and mend a broken heart?

8 thoughts on “How I Decide What to Read Next

    1. Out of all of Sarah’s books, I definitely recommend her Court of Thorns and Roses series. They are so good! Obsession-worthy characters. Great detailed writing. Fascinating plot. Her Throne of Glass series is good too, but I couldn’t make it past book 4 because it started dragging.


  1. Those look like really fun TBR selections. I hope your brain lets you start reading again soon – this year, and this time of year, seems to be especially stressful and it’s giving everybody I know all sorts of weird issues like that. My answer is here.


  2. Aww, I know what you mean about running into a wall. Sometimes reading just doesn’t want to happen. Your upcoming TBR books sound lovely, though. Happy reading for when you get around to them, and good luck with the rest of your writing project!


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