Book Cover Crush Monday: Please See Us by Caitlin Mullen

I really like this cover because it has a suspenseful foreboding feeling to it. I immediately think “thriller”, which is not wrong. Can you believe I’ve never read a thriller before? I need to add a few thrillers to my to-read list! If you have any recommendations, please send them my way!

Book Cover Crush Monday: Fire Queen by Jovee Winters

This week’s cover crush reminds me of Allie Condie’s books in the Matched Series, but 100x better. There are 9 (or maybe even 18 from the looks of it) books in this series, and they all have similarly awesome covers. I love that my attention is immediately drawn to the orb first, and then the title, and then the fire. Those three elements keeps the cover simple yet engaging, not too overwhelming for the eye.

Book Cover Crush Monday: The Betrothed

I’m really excited for this book to come out May 2020. Not only do I love Kiera Cass’s books, but the covers are stunningly beautiful. I absolutely loved how The Crown ended, and I have to reread it now that I know who she chose at the end. I never saw it coming!

Am I going to pre-order The Betrothed? You bet. Am I going to buy this book on kindle AND a hard copy? You bet your socks I am. I’m getting the excited jitters just thinking about it. These books are right up my alley. Medieval-ish? Check. Pretty dresses? Check. Princesses? Check. Romance? Check and check.

Stay tuned for a book review on The Betrothed come May!