Anthology Volumes 1, 2, and 3 for Australia Are Now Available!

I’m privileged to be a part of The Wild Rose Press, who is compiling an anthology from our authors. All proceedings from the anthology will go toward the Australia Wildfire Relief. The anthology includes short stories from The Wild Rose Press authors from all genres, and be sure to check out my story, Born of Fangs. It’s a bonus short story about Willow and Adam Degore, taking place after Bloodborn. This short story is in volume 3!

I sincerely thank you for taking part in this project by purchasing one (or all three!) of the anthologies. 100% of the profits will be going toward the Australia wildfires. A hopeful reminder that if you decide to purchase to do it through The Wild Rose Press website so retailers like Amazon or Barnes & Noble don’t take a cut of the profits. However, they are available on third-party sites as well!

Here are the links to each anthology:

Volume 1: (paperback) (kindle)
A collection of Short Stories in Mainstream Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Thrillers, and Mystery
Volume 2: (paperback) (kindle)
A collection of Romance, Young Adult, and Women’s Fiction Short Stories
Volume 3: (paperback) (kindle)
A collection of Paranormal, Horror, and Sci-Fi Fiction Short Stories.

Book Cover Crush Monday: The Betrothed

I’m really excited for this book to come out May 2020. Not only do I love Kiera Cass’s books, but the covers are stunningly beautiful. I absolutely loved how The Crown ended, and I have to reread it now that I know who she chose at the end. I never saw it coming!

Am I going to pre-order The Betrothed? You bet. Am I going to buy this book on kindle AND a hard copy? You bet your socks I am. I’m getting the excited jitters just thinking about it. These books are right up my alley. Medieval-ish? Check. Pretty dresses? Check. Princesses? Check. Romance? Check and check.

Stay tuned for a book review on The Betrothed come May!

Book Review of A Winter Knight by Barbara Bettis

The last thing Sir Nicholas wants is to act dishonorably like the man who had taken his betrothed from him. So when he meets Lady Clare, a woman who is already sworn to another, he is torn between honor and love.

A Winter Knight is well-written with interesting characters and a story that has you holding your breath in hopes that Nick and Clare will be able to get the happy ending they both deserve.

four stars

Review of Will Rise From Ashes by Jean M. Grant

What would happen if Yellowstone erupted?

This novel very well-researched from little details such as the texture of ash to bigger things like the eruption radius of a volcano. As a mother, AJ’s journey to find her son after the eruption is heartwarming and emotional. There is no limit for what a mother would do for her kids. The story opens readers’ minds to better understand what autism is like, even from the point of view of a child who has autism.

The story was well-written, detailed, heart wrenching, and I definitely recommend it.

five stars

Books I Reread or Want to Reread

I really liked the three books in this series. Well, the first one and the third one. But it’s something I definitely want to reread in the near future. An earl who lost his sister and let his home fall to ruin. A woman who is fleeing an unwanted marriage and ruins her own reputation to do it. I love the romance and the characters!

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Book Review of Six Wings by Kylie Malchus

I could seriously highlight this entire book with all my favorite quotes and scenes. I loved the humor throughout the entire book, and the main character, Reese, is a hoot! His sarcastic humor had me chuckling throughout the entire book.

Holy cow, was this story emotional. It brought me to tears several times by loss, grief, betrayal, and love. Bawling? Who, me? Nah…

From beginning to end, this book captivated me. I loved the author’s writing voice. I loved the characters. I loved the genuine, relatable emotions weaved throughout the story. Out of five stars, I would give this a six!