Letters to Love Series

Yours, Sterling

The man she returns to is not the same as the boy she left.

An arranged marriage to a younger man wasn’t what Kathleen de Clare had in mind for her future, but after an assassination attempt on their wedding day, a war tears them apart. Sequestered in the safety of the mountains stitching up injured soldiers and mending broken bones, she must wait out the war.

But what if it doesn’t end?

For all his life, Sterling Winfield has only known loss. His parents were assassinated, forcing him to take the throne at a young age. When his new wife’s very life is threatened, he does the only thing he thinks he can do. He hides her. But are letters enough to build a friendship with a stranger and keep their relationship alive? Will he lose her to war? Will the distance destroy what happiness they could have had together? Or will their reunion be as sweet as her letters?

*This book takes place eight years after Forever, Mirabelle and can be read as a standalone.

Forever, Mirabelle

He was the monster from her past. She was everything he didn’t know he wanted.

When Mirabelle Waters’ father falls ill, she must return home from Edilann and find a husband quickly to take over the ranch. When two men are lining up at her doorstep for their chance to win her hand, the decision is easy. Because Barnaby is everything she wanted. And Gilberd? He was her childhood nemesis.

The only thing Gilberd Keats aspires to be is a soldier in the king’s army. But he soon comes to realize he must choose between a life with a sword in his hand and one with Mirabelle at his side. However, wooing her is not easy, especially when she has her eye on someone else. That, and the woman hates his guts.

As the two become closer, Mirabelle realizes Gilberd might not be the villain she always thought he was. But will she get the chance to give him her heart? Or will her father’s sinister past destroy any chance they have at happiness?

Find out how Gilberd becomes Prince Sterling’s personal bodyguard in this story that takes place 8 years before Yours, Sterling!