Book Review of Wild Rose Pass by Karen Hulene Bartell

My Review

Ben Williams has always been an outsider, and never had somewhere he truly belonged. Cadence McShane has always longed for something more than life at the fort, a life filled with adventure and purpose. When their desires are tugging them in different directions, will they be able to overcome and compromise in the name of love? 

I just adored our hero, Ben. He’s compassionate, from sparing the life of a threatening rattlesnake to providing food and shelter for a desperate family in need, he is the perfect example of humility and kindness. He knows his way around the wilderness, and there is no better person to feel safer with.

The book is well-written and filled with such incredible details that made me feel like I was right there in the story. I loved learning that allowing a horse to breathe your breath helps them get acquainted with your scent. I also love the recipes included at the end of the book. It’s so fun to read about food in a story, and then to see the actual recipe for it. I think I’m up to the challenge of making old-fashioned molasses taffy!

This was such a wonderful book, and I highly recommend it to those looking for a great historical romance with a swoon-worthy hero.

My rating: 5 stars

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