My Publishing Journey

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I’ve only started to get serious about my writing in the last year, and what a year it has been! I had attended an author event for Sarah M. Eden, although I didn’t really know who she was at the time. It was then that I realized I didn’t want to write for fun anymore. I sat down that very night, scrolled through Pinterest to find something to spark a book idea, and thus, Bloodborn was forged!

And so began the agonizing process of sending queries to agents and publishers, and the entire time of waiting, I was crossing my fingers to catch the attention of The Wild Rose Press. I was over the moon when they reached out to me to ask for my full manuscript, and then again to offer a contract for my book baby.

To date, my book has gone through three rounds of edits, is undergoing a copy edit as we speak, and I’m waiting on the edge of my seat for the cover art. I admit that I’m nervous about the cover. Will it be something I want to promote? Will it be something I’m proud to show others? Will it be something I will like?

Waiting is the unfortunate drawback of the publishing world, but to have this opportunity is absolutely incredible. I still don’t have cover art. I still don’t have a release date. But this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to my dreams of publication. Crossing my fingers that The Wild Rose Press will want to publish the second in the Bloodborn series as well as my regency novel, I Am Marianne.

Bloodborn Series Comes to a Conclusion

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I am so excited to finally say that I’m finished writing the Bloodborn series. Luca and Kirsa’s journey comes to a conclusion in book five, wrapping up at 91,000 words. I first started the Bloodborn series with the characters Adam and Willow, Bloodborn getting contracted with the Wild Rose Press. Only earlier this week did I send the second in the series to my editor, and now I’m crossing my fingers that it will get contracted as well!

Bloodborn started when I decided to use a writing prompt, which spurred an idea, which spurred a book, which inspired a series. At the beginning, I never thought this would gain the traction that it had, but I’m so excited it did! I do have an idea for a novella in mind for this series, but I hope to include it for free for readers in my upcoming newsletter.

What’s next?

I’ll likely be working on my regency romance series. I’m finished with the first book, I Am Marianne, and I’m two chapters into my second, Just Jane.

Now all I have to do is name this fifth book…


Remember when I said I was going to start working on my Regency romance #2? Well, I lied (though not on purpose). I got wrapped up in my paranormal story, #5 in the Bloodborn series. 70,000 words in and nearing the end! (Sort of). It just keeps going, but at least the end is in sight! My new WIP focuses on Luca Dragomir and a special LITTLE (and I mean little because she’s a dwarf) lady he meets on his journey to break himself away from his family and discover who he is outside of being a vampire. But when he meets Kirsa Frey, he realizes there’s so much more at stake than himself. The dwarven race is dying, and he plans to stop the death before it takes the female he loves as well. Below are the models who inspired the characters, because who doesn’t love visual inspiration?!


No Internet

You don’t realize how much you need something until it’s gone. For me, not having internet for over a week was painful. No writing. No book research. Nothing to occupy my time except for a 750-piece Cinderella puzzle that literally took a week to complete. But now we’re back online! Hello Bloodscourge, you will finally meet your end.

Finishing the Book

I have been procrastinating for days! This is the fourth book in the Bloodborn series and I love the book to pieces. I have only a few chapters left until I am finished, and yet what am I doing? Surfing the web, scrolling through social media, eating snacks. The ending is too epic to handle, apparently XD Alright, just gotta write it. The ending, here I come!