Wednesday Blogging Challenge: Book Boyfriends

If you are a reader, chances are you’ve fallen in love with a fictional character. I know I have plenty of times! When your stomach flips giddily, and you sigh when you think about them. (We’ve all done it, right?) Here are some of my most favorite book boyfriends of all time.

Rhysand from A Court of Mist and Fury

I’m fanning my face right now just at the thought of him. Has it gotten hot in this room? Or is it just me? Boy, does Sarah J. Maas know how to create a swoon-worthy character. Has there ever been a sexier High Lord?

Kaladin from Way of Kings

Kaladin’s character is more than just attractive physically, he’s the type of man you want by your side at all times. He will fight to the death for you. He lives by codes that any knight in shining armor would. He would go above and beyond from the simplest task to the most difficult and seemingly impossible. And did I mention I kinda like the silent and brooding type? Don’t ask me why… I couldn’t really say myself!

Spook from Mistborn: The FInal Empire

I just think he’s plain cool. He wears a blindfold over his eyes so when he flares tin, he doesn’t become blinded. I didn’t care too much about him in the first book, but by the third, he was awesome.

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