Best Book/Movie/TV Couples

Tristan and Isolde from Merlin

I really like the way the tv show, Merlin, portrays these two. Although it doesn’t delve deep into their story, I feel like their characters are given a lot of “oomf” and personality. Need I mention their dedication to one another??? They are the gold standard for relationships.

Feyre and Rhysand

You know you happen on something great when you become obsessed. After I read A Court of Mist and Fury (the 2nd in the series), I was absolutely obsessed with these two. I wanted to look up their pictures. I wanted to create fanfiction (though I didn’t haha). I fell in love with Rhysand. More. I need more “Feysand”!

Chuck and Blair

Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf made the entire Gossip Girl series worth watching. I’m so surprised I finished it. It’s not my usual kind of tv show. But these two! Two conniving little serpents that are so enjoyable to watch. I never knew what they were going to do next.

Jo and Laurie

Not a couple, but I just love them together! Their chemistry in 2019 Little Women was amazing! Their friendship was unparalleled. Their chemistry, their connection, their banter. Why, Jo. WHY? I love the professor, but it’s Laurie we’re talking about! No one can replace him. No one.

10 thoughts on “Best Book/Movie/TV Couples

  1. I TOTALLY agree re: “Little Women”. Funnily, I was discussing it just this morning with a friend–as to why I have no desire to revisit it and it’s largely due to Jo not ending up with Laurie. That made me SO angry the first time I read the book, I nearly chucked it against the wall.


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