My Celebrity Crushes

Chris Hemsworth

Am I the only one who died and went to heaven during this scene in Thor Ragnarok? The new haircut for Thor was swoon worthy! He’s the #1 celebrity crush in my book.

Paul RudD

Alright, so another Avenger. Guilty! I just adore him as Ant Man. He’s not only such a great dad, but he’s real and funny and so adorable. Cute too!


I love everything about X-men. I love the characters. I love the powers. And I especially love Quicksilver. In my opinion, he’s the best part about the X-men movies. He had the greatest scenes that were so fun to watch.

Zac Efron

Yes, yes I know. I was the generation that grew up with High School Musical. Until a couple years ago, he was all but forgotten in my mind, and then the Greatest Showman came out! It made me crush on him all over again.

11 thoughts on “My Celebrity Crushes

  1. I nearly put up the entire list of characters from The Avengers movies… I love them ALL ❤ I'm glad I'm not the only person who crushes on Paul Rudd.


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