My Favorite Memory and Why

Giving birth is quite the ordeal, from the misery of contractions, to the uncertainty of adding a new member to the family, to the excruciating agony of giving birth (yes, my epidural didn’t work!). But when you hold your new baby in your arms, that moment is when everything in the world seems to align.

I didn’t get to hold my first baby boy after birth because of complications with his breathing, but I did for my second. My favorite memory is holding my baby girl in my arms and looking down at her face, knowing that she was mine and I went through something great to bring her here.

Would I do it again? Eh… Ask me in a couple years. But there is no greater joy than that love of mother and child!

11 thoughts on “My Favorite Memory and Why

  1. Right there with you … 37 hours of labor (that ended in a C-Section). When I finally had my daughter I was so tired, I was sure I’d drop her, so I didn’t hold her for a few hours until I’d had some rest. I honestly feel a bit guilty about that… even now, two decades later.


  2. The agony and pain of giving birth quickly faded the moment they placed my child in my arms. When I look back on those times (many years ago), I should have requested pain meds, lol! I did all three of my children natural. Guess I was trying to prove I could manage the pain. Goodness, I was stubborn. 😉 So enjoyed your post and photo, Sydney!


    1. Mary, I had an epidural for my first, and the back pain afterward was not worth it! Even though my epidural didn’t work for the second, the back pain of the epidural was excruciating for a couple weeks. It’s admirable that you went natural!


  3. Mine decided to sit up like a Budda and was over 9.5 lbs. The doctor insisted I have a C-section. Even after I was in labor all night. Oh well. I’m not sure I’d do it over again (Meaning have a second kid), but he’s been worth the hassle. Good post.


  4. I was present for both of my children’s birth. I know not the same as my wife’s, but I was glad to be there instead of in the waiting room. Wife had C-section on our son and did natural with out daughter.


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