Topics I Could Give an Impromptu Speech On


Seems like a funny one, but it’s true! Rollerblades are just like a pair of shoes on my feet, familiar and secure. I don’t want to hear “clunk clunk clunk” as someone is rollerblading down the street. Makes me cringe! A good pair of rollerblades is worth the money in my opinion. And wheels. Definitely wheels.

The TV Show Merlin

Another weird one, sure. But give me a topic from Merlin and I can go on and on about it! If you haven’t seen it yet and you like fantasy, magic, and the King Arthur legend, I would highly suggest you watch it.


I was an english major with a nutrition minor. Nutrition fascinates me, from the vitamins and minerals of each food to which nutrient will help prevent disease.

11 thoughts on “Topics I Could Give an Impromptu Speech On

  1. That’s a very interesting collection of topics. I don’t think of rollerblading as something you’d particularly need expertise in, except that devil is in the details in any topic if you really dive in.

    My list is here.


  2. Nutrition is such an important topic to be knowledgable of! Is this something you studied before you met your husband and had your kid and had to look out for their milk allergies? I know that my milk allergy definitely made me much more aware of the importance of good nutrition and how to eat a well-balanced diet when you have restrictions like that. šŸ™‚

    Thanks for stopping by my post earlier.


    1. Yep! This was something that interested me before. I actually only took nutrition as a class to fill a credit, but I loved it so much that I made it my minor! Good luck with your allergy. Some people will never know the pains of always having to look at a nutrition label to check the ingredients!


  3. All 4 of my kids are runners, Boy # 2 has done many marathons. But boy # 1 is the only one who did a half-marathon on roller-blades. He signed up for it just to do something different. What he found when he got there, was that everyone else had very expensive roller blades, while he was wearing a pair he’d picked up on the cheap from a second-hand sports shop. So their wheels were gliding, while his kept sticking. But he did finish the race, and wants to do another one–but he’ll buy some new roller blades first!


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