Things I Wish I Were Better At

Cooking Chicken

My chicken always comes out dry. Always. I am so awful at cooking it, it’s not even funny. I can even botch up “juicy, not dry” chicken recipes. Well, I guess I’ll just stick to baking. I’m better at it and it’s a lot more delicious.

Remembering Where I Put Things

Is it just me? Or does having kids erase about half your memory? I can’t remember things for the life of me after kids, and that includes where I put things. One of my biggest pet peeves is losing something, and I will tear the house apart until I find it. If only my toddler could remember where he last put things too!

Making Adult Friends

Something I have noticed is that adults are lonely! At least half the adults I know. Everyone wants to make friends, yet no one really wants to put the effort into keeping and maintaining a friendship. That makes it hard for someone who does want to make that effort.

Dressing Myself

Anyone else super lazy when it comes to getting dressed? I’ve made new year resolutions to dress cuter and nicer, but what happens? I dress in jeans and a t-shirt. With my hair in a side braid to contain my wild curls. Comfortable but nothing too exciting.


Who wakes up at all hours of the night for no apparent reason? This gal! What I wouldn’t give to be such a deep sleeper like my husband who doesn’t wake up for anything except his wife screaming at him to wake up and drag his butt out of bed. Jk! Sort of.

10 thoughts on “Things I Wish I Were Better At

  1. Yeah, I tend to wear simpler fashions too — and I’ve never like the feel of the sort of business wear that would likely see me paid more. (I have suspicions about being ADHD and possibly somewhere out on the ragged edge of the Autism spectrum as well, but I’ve never been diagnosed.) Business Casual is as fancy as I get without a very good reason.

    Making adult friends is hard for everybody, I think. If you’re married, it’s kind of like dating except as a couple, and then you have to throw in the possibility that your kids won’t like their kids or vice versa and… fraught. That’s the word I’m looking for: fraught.

    My answers are here.

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  2. I can relate with the making adult friends thing. With hubby in the military for so long, we moved so often it seemed I was in a constant cycle of making friends. While I have a lot of long-distance friends now, it’s a bit harder when you’re kind of an oddball in the community in which you’ve “retired.” I’m still trying though! Don’t give up! I figure like our heroes and heroines in our books, there is a someone for everyone out there. 🙂 P.S. I zipped you a little message through your contact form about featuring your One Scoop or Two title in my Facebook group in July. Would love to have you join us for a feature day. 🙂


  3. You sound like my other half. He wakes up multiple times during the night while I stay comatose.
    I wish I could say there’s something to help but we haven’t found it yet!


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