Book Review of A Foreman’s Unplanned Bride by Blythe Carver

My Review

I loved this one! Molly and Lewis were always at each other’s throats, but they were true and they were genuine. Every thought, every emotion was laid out on the table for the other to see, which only added to the richness of their relationship.

Each character, even the side characters, were written with such depth and detail. I couldn’t help but love every one. This quickly became one of my favorite enemies to friends to lovers story that I’ve read.

This is the second book I’ve read in this series, but I’m itching for more!

My rating: 5 stars

Favorite Quote

Molly adjusted the position of her hat, pinning it more securely above the mass of curls she had arranged on top of her head that morning. She had taken a great deal of care with her appearance, in fact. Her dress was by far the nicest he’d seen her in yet, complete with lace and ruffles.

Strangely, had he imagined her in such a concoction, he would never have pictured anything as lovely as what sat beside him. His imagination had originally brought to mind something like a monkey wearing a ball gown, while this? This was a revelation.

She was a woman.

Yes, a ridiculous conclusion to come to. She’d been a woman all along—at least, female. Female with long, lustrous hair which waved behind her like a flag in the wind and smelled like fresh cotton and flowers when he was close to her…


A foreman set in his ways and a hardheaded journalist with a mind of her own can’t abide by the conditions set forth in her father’s will. But they also can’t abide with the notion of being in the same country, much less the same ranch.

Foreman Lewis Sutton’s been like a son to Richard Reed. Except he’s not his son. So when Richard dies and Lewis has to contact his estranged daughters to come claim the ranch that Lewis loves, he’s left with a bitter taste in his mouth. Sure that the estranged princesses from the east coast will send a lawyer to sell the property, Lewis finds himself in the unenviable position of knowing he’ll lose the only home he’s ever known.

Molly Reed’s got a good life in Baltimore. She’s just taken a position that she’s been pursuing for what seems like forever. A journalist spot. She’s been trying to get that job for so long, and she’s written her heart out to get it. She can’t even use her own name. She can’t even conduct interviews. She’s had to ask her friend Cory Weston to go to the interviews and ask the questions she comes up with while she plays secretary and takes notes. Cory’s in love with her, so he’d agree to just about anything.

She tells Cory she’ll be back, and she has to go settle some affairs at her father’s ranch. She doesn’t know the conditions yet.

Little do either Molly or Lewis know, the conditions of the will are that Richard’s daughters must live on the ranch for a year before doing anything with it. Then there are more conditions, but the lawyer won’t tell anyone what those are until the year is up.

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