The Wild Rose Press Launches a New Series! A Wylder Christmas Is One of the First

I’m super excited about the Wylder West Series that The Wild Rose Press just launched! Not only do they have stunning covers, but they have incredible characters and a fun setting. Sarita Leone’s newest release, A Wylder Christmas, is one of the first four to start out the series. Learn more about the book below!


Can a Christmas miracle bring a southern belle into the arms of a Union soldier?

Violet Bloom leaves Charleston to come west as a mail-order bride.  But when she steps off the stagecoach, she’s greeted by tragic news.  She vows to begin anew in Wylder, to lay haunting memories to rest, and find peace.

Former Union soldier Thomas Harvey’s dreams of homesteading are crushed, along with his heart, at the passing of his wife.  He moves to town and struggles to survive—not for himself, but for his spirited young daughter. 

After Thomas rescues Violet during a snowstorm, neither has any thought of romance. But Christmas magic is in the air. It’s a time of forgiveness and new beginnings—even for lost souls. 


Dear Lord, the man was in a snowbank.

She bent her knees until she crouched, pulled in a huge breath, held her arms above her head, and jumped as hard as she ever had.

Strong hands grabbed hers. He lifted her body out of the hole, rolling over onto his back as she cleared the tunnel of snow he’d dug to reach the trap door, and pulled her onto his body.

They were both breathless from the exertion and lay panting for several moments.

Violet’s back and feet were instantly cold. She began to shiver, which caught the man’s attention.

He sat up, holding her in his lap, and unbuttoned his shirt. Beneath the flannel he wore a red woolen undershirt, which he pulled her against as he wrapped the ends of his outer shirt around her.

“Let’s get inside before we both freeze to death. I’ll come back to cover the cellar later.”

Thomas stood, taking Violet in his arms and carrying her.

When she felt his large, warm hand on her skin, she learned that the nightdress that had been so lovingly created for a wedding night was torn on the back side.

And the man’s hand? It was on her bare backside.

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