My Goals for 2021

As I do every year, I make goals for the new year, and 2021 is no exception. Do I always meet those goals? Eh…no. But it’s the effort that counts! Here are some of my goals for this year.

Be Present

My whole life revolves around my kids, and sometimes I just don’t want to give them a lot of attention. But they need it. One of my goals is to be more present with my children. To put down my phone. To play with them. To laugh with them. I have always strived to make them feel loved, wanted, and valued, but I want to put more effort into it.

Focus on ME

I know I’m not the only one when I say my mental health took a nosedive in 2020. My confidence tanked. Anxiety and depression created firm footholds within me. I was at some of my lowest points. When I’m so wrapped up in being a mom and wife, there is little room left for myself. But this year has taught me my own mental health is SO IMPORTANT! I want to focus on spending time with me and taking care of my needs as well.

Focus on OTHERS

I know several people who have lost their lives due to suicide, and I know others who have suffered from thoughts of suicide and depression. I want to make an impact in other people’s lives for the better, to be a source of light and happiness rather than negativity. I want people to know I SEE them.

Read 75 Books

I have a Goodreads goal of reading 75 books in 2021. Last year, I read 86 books, so I’m only hoping I can keep up the pace. I love reading and discovering new stories and new authors. So far I have 1 book down and 74 left to go.

Write for the Pleasure of It, and Little Else

In the end of this last year, I unfortunately forgot how much I loved writing. The marketing aspect of writing and publishing got to me. People’s critical comments shanked me in the back. It was an endless spiral of anxiety and, in some cases, rejection. But this year, I want to constantly remind myself to not write for others. Rather, I want to write for myself and because it’s something I love doing.

Finish a New Fantasy Romance Series

I’m not sure if this is a goal I can reach because I’m not sure how many books will be in this series. So far, I’m halfway through the first book. Woot! 38,000 words written! I’m hoping to get two more books in this series written by the end of the year, so we’ll see!

Love Myself

Above all, one of my goals is to love myself. In a world filled with criticism, hatred, and negativity, I want to gain enough confidence in myself so all that doesn’t matter. This will probably be one of my hardest goals, and it will require taking a hard but necessary step back to see the things that really matter.

What are some of your goals for 2021? I would love to hear them!

And happy new year!

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9 thoughts on “My Goals for 2021

  1. Excellent goals… and yes, 2020 wreaked havoc on the emotional stability of everyone I knew, including me. I love that your goals are mainly about slow, meaningful improvement of self. Wishing you a successful year!

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  2. I’m glad you’re getting back to what you enjoy out of writing. Marketing and the criticisms can do that. It can be hard to remember that writing was something you wanted to do. 38K is great! Good luck with it.

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