Book Review of Stolen Thorn Bride by Kenley Davidson

My Review

Stolen Thorn Bride was absolute perfection!

Ah! I just want to read it again and again until the amazingness finally sinks in. The characters were perfection. The setting was perfection. The romance…perfection. I absolutely loved Kasia and Dechlan. I enjoyed her fierceness and stubbornness. She never backed down, especially when it came to those she cared about. And Dechlan! I loved watching a wounded character heal and learn to love again.

Once again, Kenley Davidson blew me away with her world building and the characters she created. The book was a great mix of action, humor, and romance. I can tell right now that it’s going to be one of those books I think about for a long time after I’m done reading it. I definitely recommend this book!

My rating: 5+ stars

Favorite Quote

She could not solve all the world’s problems, only commit herself to the one small corner of the world that needed her the most.


Can a stubborn farm girl steal the heart of an elf king who has sworn never to love again?

After a century of war, the elves of Abreia are losing hope. Their greatest defender—Dechlan, king of the Northwatch—lies near death, and only a soul bond with a human bride can save him. The problem? No humans have set foot on elven lands for over a hundred years.

Kasia is no stranger to the fight for survival—she’s spent her life in the far northern reaches of Garimore, struggling to provide for her three siblings. When she’s captured by a trio of beautiful but terrifying elven warriors, her only thought is to return home, until they inform her she must marry their king… or be put to death.

Both Kasia and Dechlan are reluctant to accept their unwanted bond, until the elves’ ancient enemy rises up to threaten both their worlds. Kasia might just be the key to ending the war, but only if she is willing to sacrifice the life she’s always known. And only if Dechlan is willing to risk losing the bride he never expected, but is no longer certain he can live without.

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