Review of Hellfire and Honey by A.N. Payton

Doom your entire kingdom? Or surrender to the vampire king?

I love reading enemies to lovers books, and this story is one of my top favorites I have read in a while. I really enjoyed the vivid descriptions the author painted throughout the book. The romance developed incredibly well, especially considering the complicated, tangled past the hero and heroine had with one another. And the stakes kept piling up more and more, pulling me into the story with each page.

Kadence’s push and pull within the budding romance really made sense for the story. I know others might not agree with it, but in my opinion, it was well done. His was a fragile heart surrounded by bars of steel, and I really liked watching how Sal dislodged one bar at a time.

This book had great romance scenes, incredible action, amazing characters, and vivid details. Definitely worth the read!

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