Book Review of Save the Secret Date by Ellie Cahill

I really liked the beginning. I really liked the ending. The in-between… Not quite as much. I didn’t find myself caring about Jake and Mary as much as I had hoped. It was Hadley and Will that saved it for me, even though they were minor characters in this book. Their secrets at the end! Loved it.

I really like the stories this author puts out! I’ll definitely have to check out some of the other books she’s written.

four stars

Book Review of The Mist by Stephen King

This was my very first time reading horror, my very first time reading Stephen King. I thought I should give it a try just to see what it’s all about. There were far too many unnecessary details that detracted from the story. Instead of expanding on the scary, gruesome details or adding more of them throughout the book, we get details that don’t even matter to the story.

It was interesting to try to understand what this kind of trauma could do to a person in a short amount of time. Could witnessing death and gore really affect the mind so much? It’s a good question to ponder.

I actually liked the book in a creepy crawly goosebumpy kind of way. The details that mattered had my heart racing, putting me on the edge of my seat. My main complaint would be to trim the fat and only include the meat. Four out of five stars.

four stars

Book Review of The Designated +1 by Ellie Cahill

I really enjoyed reading this one! The characters are relatable, and I really liked getting inside Hadley’s head. The chemistry between her and Will is fun to watch enfold. There’s just something about a tall, muscular man walking in the house covered from head to toe in mud. What the image that must have been!

I’ll definitely be looking for more from this author. Can’t wait to read the next in the series!

five stars

Book Review of I Temporarily Do by Ellie Cahill

This was a fun read. The characters had chemistry from the very beginning, and I loved seeing it develop into something more than just friendship. This was a fun spin on marry first, fall in love later. I mostly see this type of story in regency romance, but I loved seeing it in a contemporary novel. Definitely recommend!

five stars