Book Review of Mrs. Saint Nick by Caroline Mickelson

I adored Nick and I found myself laughing quite a bit throughout the whole book. I loved the characters and a couple of the scenes were so cute.

However, I didn’t think Nick and Holly had any chemistry, and the way the book ended was incredibly disappointing and rushed. Still, I did enjoy reading it. I always love a good laugh!

four stars

Book Review of Miss Kane’s Christmas by Caroline Mickelson

Christmas in October? You bet! I’m a Christmas all-year-long type of gal. I sing Christmas songs from January to December, and I still haven’t put away my wreath from last year (though that one is due to sheer laziness ;)) So when it comes to reading holiday books when it should be time for Halloween, I’m all for it.

I have to say that I absolutely adored this book! I found myself laughing throughout the entire thing, and I got plenty of warm fuzzies as I read. I think I have found myself another favorite author, and I look forward to reading more from her!

five stars

Book Review of Four Last First Dates by Kate O’Keeffe

I enjoyed reading this! Sometimes it’s nice to step away from my regular reading genre and into a cozy little contemporary romance. I love cakes and I love romance, so this was a fun read.

There were a few things I didn’t quite like about the story. First, I didn’t know how Dan died until the very end, and I wish I would have known sooner. I didn’t see a point to keeping the information from the reader. Second, earlier, Ryan was looking at the photographs of Bailey and Dan. I wish he would have recognized that Jason the cater looked like Dan. It would have made for more of a punch. Third, I didn’t like the ending. It made me cringe in an “I’m embarrassed for them” way. But other than that, it was a great read!

I love that this book made me feel something. I found myself crying a couple times throughout the book, and not very many books can do that. A fun read!

four stars

Book Review: A Scandalous Request by Micki Miller

A Scandalous Request

This book is written by one of my fellow authors at the Wild Rose Press. The blurb drew me in immediately, as the idea was unique and intriguing, and it piqued my interest enough to not be able to turn away a chance to read it. The beginning is a fantastic whirlwind, the chapters jumping straight into the story right from the start. It’s far too easy to fall in love with the characters, and the relationships between each of them is fun to watch unfold. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

five stars

Book Review of A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas

Image result for a court of wings and ruin

Although I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the first and second in the series, it was still definitely worth the read. The focus on war and serious details often gave me a headache as I tried to figure out what was going on and remember who was who. And then suddenly some of the characters were gay or bisexual. I honestly didn’t think it needed to be there. It only distracted from the story, hounding the reader with pages and pages of details that I don’t care to read about when there is a bigger picture in mind.

I would have liked to see Feyre and Tamlin talk at the end. I felt like the ending was too “happy” for what was going on with the battle. And the part after page 666, the same exact thing happened again that happened to Feyre Under the Mountain. It would have been nice to see something different in that regard, some variety.

Also, if the Bone Carver OR the Suriel would have told Feyre she was pregnant or something while the war was just around the corner, now THAT would have been interesting. But I’m sure that will happen much later on instead.

Either way, the book was good, but perhaps too long and filled with unnecessary details. 4 out of 5 stars.

four stars