Things I’m Thankful For

fall leaves


Can’t have thank-vember without appreciating your family! I have two awesome kids and an incredible husband. Both of my kids are under two! What were we thinking, right? But amid the long nights, the temper tantrums, and never being able to sit down again, I love them. Cuddles, cute baby smiles, showing them something new in the world around them. The hardships are totally worth it.


I love books! Reading books. Writing books. Discovering books. The smell of books. Anything that has to do with books. All my life, I had wanted to become an author. When I was younger, I idolized Christopher Paolini and Brandon Mull. Nowadays, I admire Brandon Sanderson, Sarah J Mass, and Sarah Eden, with plenty other authors I enjoy reading as well.


What’s not to love about this incredible season? Pumpkins, pumpkin spice, warm clothing, cute boots, changing colors, HALLOWEEN, and more! It’s not too hot, not too cold, and it’s beautiful outside.


I love that I can slap on a pair of headphones and listen to any song I want whenever I want. In the mood for a sad song? Spotify has a playlist for that. Want to get a head start on the holiday music? I can listen to it year-round! The easy access to music is something I’ll always be grateful for.

With Thanksgiving coming up, make sure to stop and think about the things you’re grateful for! Give that loved one a hug. Take a moment to appreciate nature. Happy almost Thanksgiving everyone!