Favorite Things to Do in the Spring

Crane My Neck to Look at Flowers

I love going on walks just to see all the flowers cropping up. I probably look like an idiot as I’m glancing back and forth at the daffodils and the pansies and… oh yuck! What is that disgusting smell coming from that tree? Oh, and there’s another daffodil. So beautiful!

Plant a garden

I only recently bought a house, and I discovered that I have free reign on what goes in the garden! I am currently the world’s worst gardener, BUT I did grow a watermelon…the size of a baseball. But hey! The rhubarb didn’t die…but it didn’t grow either. And are those the fifth batch of weeds I have to pull??

Laying in the Sun

After a long winter, I love being able to sit outside and enjoy the sunlight. Not only that, but my 2-year-old son is less cranky when he gets to spend time outside rather than being stuck inside as it snows. Ack! Bees! Okay, we only got stung once each. Time to put up the hornet killer tubes.

Being Able to Write Outside

Seven o’clock p.m. is my favorite time of the day. It’s when the kids finally go to bed, I have some peace and quiet, and I can go outside and write in the backyard with a glorious view of the mountains.

11 thoughts on “Favorite Things to Do in the Spring

  1. I love walking and checking out the flowers too. Crocus are up and a beautiful purple. Daffodils and hyacinth are peeking out. Daylilies are being brave also. 🌷


  2. Couldn’t agree more with all your favorite things to do in the Spring! I managed to grow two pumpkins year before last. I was so excited. The growing season around here isn’t normally long enough. I enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing! Here’s mine. You hit the nail on the head. I been feeling down with out a reason I could pin point, but you did, not being able to go where I want then I want. I can walk my neighborhood, and park early morning but otherwise, sitting in the porch swing on nice days is it. Yeah, snow is coming tomorrow, AGAIN. I enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing. Here’s mine. https://www.tenastetler.com/lsrs-wednesdays-blog-challenge-3-25-2020-spring/


  3. Love all your favorite things to do in the spring. I salute your gardening abilities. And congratulations on your watermelon!! The only thing I can grow ARE weeds. Seriously, I follow all the directions, but I just can’t manage to coax anything out of the ground … except… A view of the mountains sounds breathtaking. No wonder you like to write outside 🙂 Best of luck.


  4. I can’t garden at all. Husband plants tomatoes (cherry ones too, that I eat off the vines) and peppers and onions, along with the fruit trees he put in the backyard. But we have a compost pile that we put parings and seeds into year-round. I call it our “lazy-fare” garden, deliberately mis-spelling “lassez-faire”, which in French means “let it lie.” Every year for the past 10 years plus, the compost gives us whatever it wants to. One year it grew pumpkins so large, the vine traveled across the yard and an enormous pumpkin broke away part of our neighbor’s fence! I had cantaloupes a couple of years in a row, during a time when people were getting sick from store-bought ones. But the compost had my back, and I got to enjoy them! We’ve had corn back there, and usually get at least 1 kind of tomatoes, to complement the ones husband plants. And cucumbers? They grow like weeds in there, with the vines covering the wire fence of the enclosure. So I can’t wait to see what the compost will “gift” us with this year. Lazy-fare indeed!


  5. LOVE this, Sydney!! Growing your own food is such a satisfying thing to do. We finally have our own place too, and I’m still sorting my vege garden. All the herbs are in and I’ve just planted some radishes (because they’re so easy) but need to work harder on the rest. Good luck with yours!


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