Character Art: Alavara Elroris

Alavara Elroris

I recently entered a raffle for character art, and I was one of the winners! @ARTmmkay did an amazing job at capturing Alavara’s essence. She is a deadly assassin, a dark elf forced to carry out her father’s wishes, even if it means becoming the mate of the vampire king to stop a war in its tracks.

However, Jesper Degore refuses to have an elf on the throne. His one condition to take her as his mate is that she must be turned into a vampire like him.

Excerpt from Blood Heir, a WIP in the Bloodborn Series

Rain poured heavy from the clouds, soaking the entire landscape in glittering darkness like pools of fresh blood coating the kingdom in the stain of one’s enemies. Clattering droplets provided the perfect cover to mask one’s movements, to drown out one’s footsteps, and to especially hide one’s scent from the bloodsucking creatures roaming the land.

Alavara Elroris rubbed her hands together, and a brief spark of blue lit up her palms, glowing under the muted moonlight. She touched a hand to the side of a brick building, and it stuck fast with the magic flowing through her veins. One hand placement after the other, she climbed the side of the building before swinging her legs up and over a wooden beam, allowing herself to dangle upside down.

Slowly, as to avoid making any noise, she pulled out an iron-tipped arrow from her quiver and angled her bow to face toward the open window of the tavern. He was here. She’d been following him for some time now, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Even beneath the awning, rain droplets spattered her face as if wet blood already flecked her skin. A male with dark red hair sat within view of the window, a tankard on the table in front of him. In all honesty, she had not expected the new king of vampires to be so handsome. He had a seriousness to him she felt sure could wilt a flower just by looking at it, but handsome all the same. The deep red hair, the prominent jaw, a straight nose, and green eyes. She couldn’t decide if he was handsome or beautiful. Both, perhaps.

And he left himself open to take an arrow to the throat.

She nocked her arrow and pulled back on the bowstring, holding her breath as she took aim at the male’s pretty neck. The king had no heir, and without an heir, the kingdom would resort to chaos, which would allow another army to march in and overthrow it.

A much smaller female body stepped in front of the vampire king and hid him from view, her back to the window as if guarding him from a potential threat lingering outside. Alavara snarled and let her bow slacken. More than once tonight, that same female had thwarted her plans. She wanted to put an arrow through her neck if only to get her out of the way. But as soon as she killed the female, the king would be on alert and she would have lost her chance. 

No. Better to wait until he was alone.

She smiled as she remembered the tankard sitting in front of him. Alone and intoxicated. What a perfect match for an assassination.

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