Book Review of Transforming Emma

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Emma Wallache fulfills her late mother’s desire of learning the ways of society. After spending a year and a half with her aunt in the city, she returns to her small hometown, new and reformed. Brett Haynes is shocked that the girl he had been in love with had come back a completely different woman. But maybe not quite as different as he originally thought…

I love the way this author writes. The descriptive details put me right there in the story, the plot gripping and making me forget I was reading at all. It was enjoyable to turn page after page, the story not once slipping into boring drudgery. I liked this book quite a lot, and I’ll definitely be adding more of this author’s books on my TBR list.

My rating: 4.5 stars

FAvorite Quote

“Brett, let me go.” She struggled to break his hold. “I need to be close so Dieter knows I care. I have a responsibility—”

He clamped both hands on her shoulders and eased her around. “No, you don’t. Not if you could be in danger.” He narrowed his gaze and stared.

He seemed to grow taller as he hovered close. She looked into eyes that darkened almost to black and held her in their intensity. His breath wafted hot against her cheek . Her pulse jumped. As he leaned closer, the sunlight disappeared.

“I can’t lose you again, Emma Wallache.”


Raised a tomboy on a central Texas ranch, Emmaleigh Wallache returns from a year’s visit during which her Bostonian aunt introduced her to a life of culture—fulfilling her late mother’s wish. Her is intent on marrying her off to the son of a wealthy meat distributor to guarantee the success of his cattle business. Happy for her time spent in society, Emmaleigh struggles to discover where she truly belongs.

Foreman Brett Haynes, who has waited until Emma turned eighteen so he can reveal his caring feelings, can’t believe the changes a year made. Gone is the spunky girl who raced him through fields or swung from ropes over the swimming hole. He has nothing in common with this sophisticated young woman and despairs she is unreachable. Can he remind her of life’s simpler moments and win over the heart he has always thought of as belonging to him?

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