Reasons Why I Stopped Reading a Series I Loved

The Story Goes on and On. And on.

I love details in books. They are awesome! They really enhance the story. Unless an author goes overboard into drudgery. I made it four books into the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. I loved them so much! And then I just couldn’t do it anymore. The fourth book took forever to read, and I really think it could have been cut in half. I was dreading reading the next one, even though I wanted to find out what happened in the book. Unfortunately, I put the series down and started a new one.

The First Book Was Great! The Second…Bad

Okay, I wouldn’t say it was bad, but it turned me off from the rest of the series. Miss Kane’s Christmas by Caroline Mickelson was so good! It seriously made it near the top of my favorite books. And then I read Mrs. Saint Nick, the second in the series. Holy smokes. I did not like the plot. I did not like the heroine. Things were confusing and rushed, with an unsatisfying ending. I’m still holding onto hope that I will want to delve back into the series, because I heard the rest after the 2nd book are really good.

Too Many in the Series

Does anyone else get overwhelmed when they see a series of around 12 books, each about 600 pages each? I’m talking to you Robert Jordan! And George R.R. Martin! And Terry Goodkind! (Not you, Brandon Sanderson. I love you! <3) It’s hard to pick up a book you know will go into a series that will take you two or three or more years to read.

10 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Stopped Reading a Series I Loved

  1. I’m glad to see Brandon Sanderson getting more love. I bought the first book in his series that was mentioned on one of your sites during another topic, for my husband for his birthday. He hasn’t started it yet, because I gave him 3 books. But I hope he enjoys it.

    I don’t mind long books, as long as they’re worth it.


  2. All completely valid. I don’t necessarily mind long series myself; but my example for today was Robert Jordan, who basically lost me when the books seemed to stop making any progress through the story.


  3. The size of books and the length of a series never bothered me until I had kids. Now, my time is so limited and a long series with huge books is a commitment. Most of the long series I currently read, I started reading before my babies were born. I’ll gladly add new series to my TBR, but I have no idea when I’m going to get to them. If ever.


  4. I’m totally with you on the too many books in a series putting me off. It’s just too overwhelming! Especially if every book is a big fat one that takes three weeks to read.


  5. I’m reading a series now I’m on the verge of putting down because of the fluff. It’s like the author doesn’t know where The End actually is and goes on long after the story is told. It is definitely annoying and I’ve found myself skipping entire chapters. And I don’t understand it at all in particular because they’re indie published. Under contract, I understand the word count requirements. Still don’t agree with fluff, but understand the obligation to meet a word count. Indie published? Why use fluff at all?


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