Book Review of Immortal Dawn by Julie Thorpe

My Review

“I would never take the sun for granted. It was precious to someone like me who had been born into darkness.”

When vampire, Amiria, learns that the king wants to kill her in order to rule over the world, she runs to protect not only herself, but to also keep the entire world’s population safe. But is running only delaying the inevitable? Is all her effort in vain? Can she follow her heart and still protect the man she loves?

Immortal Dawn is a book about love, trust, and sacrifice. Even in the darkest of dark, a small flicker of hope remains and can conquer all. The story was enjoyable, and there were great descriptions throughout the book. Amiria was a very interesting character. The sacrifices she made really showed just how far she was willing to go for others.

Favorite Quote

“Noah, when was the first time you saw me?” I asked, deciding to jump straight to it.

I saw the hesitation flicker across his eyes and I knew before he spoke that he was going to lie.

“Well, when you came here of course.”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it,” I replied firmly, crossing my arms across my chest as I stared down at him. “I’d very much like the truth please. When was the first time you saw me?”


Amiria isn’t like every other vampire. One fateful night, she discovers her true heritage which sets in motion a life of hiding and fear. A friend protects her from afar as she navigates her new world until she stumbles upon the man she was destined to be with. Will Amiria let him help her? And when the King of the Vampires captures her, who will survive?

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