Book Review of Life for Sale by Linda Nightingale

My Review

When a life-like robot starts to malfunction, putting all her renegade peers in danger, more is at stake than just March’s life. Exposure could kill them all.

Life for Sale has a very interesting concept like nothing I’ve read before. I’ve always been fascinated with AI and its capabilities. For robots to have intelligence, emotions, and bodies that work the same as humans is an awesome idea that the author explored in depth. It makes you wonder… Is love real? Or is love really just programmed into your coding? Great read!

My rating: 5 stars


Mayfair Electronics has created life.

But four of their Special Editions—sentient androids indistinguishable from human—have escaped.
Rebel, Christian Aguillard and his owner, March, are on the run, but they have a bigger problem than his creator’s plan to destroy him. They’ve discovered that one of the renegades has suffered a dangerous malfunction, threatening them with more than just exposure.

Trapped on a cruise ship in the middle of the Atlantic, March and Christian must stop the insane robot before someone else dies. All the evidence points to March being the killer’s next victim.


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