Topics I Never Get Tired of Talking About


Books galore. I could talk about books all day. What I’m writing. What you’re writing. What I recently read. What’s on my to-read list. The plot for my next novel. I am booksessed. Back in the day before I had kids and before these crazy times, I could spend hours in a bookstore just looking at all the books and finding myself in conversations with random strangers. Now I just annoy my husband with all the book talk. (He doesn’t actually mind.) He knows about every book I’ve read AND he remembers them all. Crazy, right?

The Body

Not in any gross way, but I love anatomy. The body is incredible! Just think about all of its everyday functions and times that by the rest of your life! The brain and its intricate workings. The heart and its unyielding dedication to keep your body functioning. Did you know people blink approximately ten times a minute? I didn’t know until I became a CNA.

Babies and Childbirth

Until I actually became a mom, I had no interest in these topics. But now that my kids have pretty much become my life, what else is there to talk about? Haha! But seriously, I love talking about and hearing stories about other people’s experiences with childbirth, what age someone’s baby started walking, how many teeth they have. It never gets boring to me.


I love animals. Cats, dogs, horses, birds, snakes, etc. I love learning new facts about a certain breed or discovering an animal I never knew existed. In another life, I would have liked to have worked with animals. Maybe I still can in the future when my kids are a little more grown up. For now, I’ll just stick to taking in hurt strays and nursing them back to health.

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