Book Review of Falling for Salted Caramel by Anya Sharpe

My Review

This story was very cute. I loved how dedicated Mr. Boring A** Vanilla is to his Ms. Salted Caramel. Although she thought her life was over after finding out she was not only pregnant, but her husband was filing for a divorce in the works, Devon, AKA Vanilla, taught her that she deserves to find her own happiness too.

My rating: 4 stars


Pregnant and licking her wounds from a messy divorce, Kyli Ryder returns home for the summer to work at her dad’s Cape Cod ice cream shop. The small town is a familiar haven as she wraps her brain around a sudden future as a single mom.

From the minute Kyli and Devon Daughtry laid eyes on each other—as she sat on the floor in a puddle of dishwasher water—there was an unexpected spark. Their friendly flirting and teasing over his daily vanilla waffle cone becomes a salted caramel seduction metaphor for Devon’s growing attraction.

Hooked by the undeniable connection between them—one which Kyli refuses to admit, and Devon refuses to ignore—she’s a package deal he’s intent on having in his life. Can Devon sweet talk his way into her heart, ultimately proving it’s okay to love again?

Amazon ~ Goodreads

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