Top 5 Paranormal/Fantasy Books I’ve Read This Year (So Far)

Happy Halloween! What better way to celebrate the holiday than by reflecting back on my favorite paranormal/fantasy books I’ve read in 2020? Can you believe it?? I’ve read 75 books so far this year. I’ve blown my reading goal out of the water. I’ve read some incredible books, some okay books, and a few books that made me cringe. Although the year isn’t quite over yet, and there’s still time for books to squeeze their way onto my list of favorites, here are my favorites in this genre so far.

#1- Kingdom of Thorns by Katherine Macdonald

Witty banter, an adorable hero you can’t help but root for, and a unique fairy tale retelling like you’ve never read before. I loved this book so so so so much, and I’m looking forward to reading more from this author.

Kingdom of Thorns

#2- Spellbound After Midnight by Jenna Collett

This book had a perfect slow burn romance that kept me interested through every interaction and every mystery that unfolded within the pages. This is another fairy tale retelling, except it involves a murdered Cinderella, a killer on the loose, and a detective in need of a witch’s help to catch the murderer.

Spellbound After Midnight

#3- Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia

I can go on and on about this book. Terrifying monsters. And I mean terrifying. It isn’t just a bullet to the head to take a monster out. More like a few dozen bullets. And a couple grenades. Not to mention Owen barely gets out of tough scrapes with his life again and again. This isn’t just on my top 5 favorite books of 2020. It’s on my top 2 list of favorite books of all time. Highly recommend.

Monster Hunter International

#4- Bear with Me by Marilyn Barr

There is so much to love about the world Marilyn Barr created in this book. There is magic. Shifters. Vampires. And more. James and Nate were my favorite characters, as their banter was so much fun. There were so many surprises and I really enjoyed turning page after page while watching the story unfold.

#5- A Merman’s Choice by Alice Renaud

I read this book when I was craving a little bit of mermaid. I loved the merfolk and the culture. It felt real to me, as if I could sail a boat across the ocean and find myself lost in the underwater mysteries in this world.

All of these were great books! I even bought several of the paperbacks to live on my lovely new built-in bookshelves. Next on my list of what I want to read? Something about werewolves or alpha wolves. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

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