Book Review of Becoming the Witch by J. M. Davies

My Review

I love paranormal stories, and one set in a historical setting sounded intriguing. However, I had a hard time reading this book. There were a lot of disturbing scenes and few reasons to like either the hero or heroine. Although I felt bad for the heroine for her loveless, cruel, and disturbing marriage, the romance behind her husband’s back didn’t sit well with me. The husband was a well written and believable villain. I was sad Elizabeth had to endure a marriage to him. 

The writing style and descriptions are well done with a story that has a good flow. Although I wasn’t a big fan of the prequel, the first in the series has a promising premise. If you were to read this series, I’d say start at number one and not at the prequel.

My rating: 2.5 stars


As Miss Elizabeth Marshfield, I’ve never had a choice. My marriage to Sir Charles Dempsey is arranged. Love plays no role in this, but my sizable dowry does. On my eighteenth birthday, as I promise to honor and obey, eerie voices unlock a curse and an ancient magic I didn’t know I possessed, and they won’t rest until I answer them.

My husband suspects I ‘m mad—and mad, I may well be. But this cold-hearted brute cares naught for me as his mistress warms his bed.

I don’t know who I am anymore. Even the blacksmith, Barnaby, can’t disguise his contempt, despite saving me from a fall from my horse. So why does this insolent man affect me so? He reveals he’s a Roma called Raven, and the birthmark of the moon I have branded on my wrist proves I’m entwined in his destiny. Even talking with him could mean the hangman. But my heart has spoken, and I know nothing will ever be the same.

For once—I will choose my fate, even if it leads to a noose around my neck.


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