Book Review of Nettles in the Snow

My Review

I’m a huge fairy tale nerd and I could tell you about almost any fairy tale out there, but this was one that had me guessing. I love the way the author combines fairy tales in a world that just makes sense, mixing and matching stories that keeps the reader wondering. I have never read The Wild Swans, but now I will!

Compared to Slipper in the Snow, this story had a darker, revengeful feel to it that I found intriguing. I’m curious about the next part of the story and I’m looking forward to what the author has planned next.

My rating: 4 stars


Elisa has lived most of her life in the shadow of Burge’s castle, knitting shirts out of nettles and keeping her vow of silence. This Christmas is the one chance she has to lift the curse from her brothers and change their fortunes. If she succeeds, she plans to punish everyone who made her suffer and take her place as royalty. If she fails, her brothers will be stuck as swans forever.


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