Book Review of A Rancher’s Surprise Mail Order Bride by Blythe Carver

My Review

What happens when the pride of two people threatens their future together?

So far, I’ve really enjoyed Blythe Carver’s books. I like the town she sets this series in and the depths she adds to each character. A Rancher’s Surprise Mail Order Bride made me both laugh and tear up. This book was a great addition to the series, and I look forward to reading more.

My rating: 4 stars

Favorite Quote

Belinda’s mouth twitched at the corners. “You behave as though she’s throwing women in your path at every turn. As though you have to step over them simply to leave the house in the morning. It’s a wonder you made it here at all, having to ride over the bodies of these poor, hapless souls.”


Though Abigail’s friends and neighbors are ladies of the night, that by no means is a life she wants for herself. One letter could change her life and her fate.

Rancher Ryan Belton’s looking forward to his sister’s nuptials. Poor Ryan has no idea that Abigail, the friend his sister’s invited to the wedding, is a mail order bride. When he finds out and pushes her out of his life, she has no option but to find a position wherever she can.

When he finds her walking into the saloon, he realizes she will be a fallen woman and it’s all his fault. How can he convince this hardheaded proud woman that she doesn’t belong in a saloon?

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