Something I Collected As a Child

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Pokemon Cards!

What Millennial didn’t collect Pokemon cards? And then trade them during recess? My favorites were always the water Pokemon, and yes, Squirtle was my top favorite. So much, in fact, that I had a giant Squirtle plushie that I kept for years into my childhood. My dad HATED that ratty thing. I found it in the garbage can once, and of course, I rescued it.

Some of my other favorites from the original were Evie, Jolteon, Gengar, and Pidgeot. Have you ever played Pokemon Snap? That was such a fun game!

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12 thoughts on “Something I Collected As a Child

  1. I am old enough to remember that my KID was into Pokémon (and my neighbor’s kid was a complete freak over it). I do have a Pokémon keychain I got about 15 years ago in a Wendy’s kid’s meal that I use because it’s so distinctive. I never lose it! LOL!

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  2. I remember other kids collecting pokemon cards and I ended up inheriting some from my uncle. But, I never knew how to play with them, lol.


  3. Oh, fun. I was just a bit too old to have grown up collecting Pokemon. Magic: The Gathering came along while I was in college, and kind of transformed the whole card game landscape, but my memory was that I’d fallen away from playing by the time Pokemon came on the scene.


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