Book Review of Tangled Souls by Denise D. Young

My Review

There’s a reason for everything under the sun and moon. In a witch’s life, there are no coincidences.

Tangled Souls is a great addition to the Tangled Magic series. We get different characters, but the same world filled with danger, secrets, and magic. Denise D. Young excels in writing vivid, descriptive imagery that leaves the reader feeling like they’re walking through the book themselves, hearing, tasting, seeing, and touching as if they were a character in the story.

I found myself really liking Evan and Bailee, as they both had great talents and personalities to bring to the coven table. Although we only get a glimpse into Nick and Evan’s brotherly relationship, I loved the dynamic between them.

The author leaves off in an interesting place, making the reader wonder what will happen in the next book. If you like witches, shifters, fae, and magic, Tangled Souls is a great read for you.

My rating: 4.5 stars

Favorite Quote

“You read way too many fantasy novels,” he said.

I shrugged. “Don’t pretend you haven’t read The Fellowship three times. It’s not my fault you’re a closet nerd and I’m all out in the open with it.”

That lightened the mood a bit. He grinned. “Four.”

I widened my eyes in mock shock. “Four? Wow, you are a dork.”


A curse took him away. Magic brought him back…

I’m Bailee Dugan, and I’m a professional bookworm. Literally. I’m the local librarian in Willow Creek, Virginia.

I’m also a witch.

One year ago, a spell stole my entire coven, including Evan Felson, a charming, devil-may-care musician and fellow witch with whom I’ve been secretly in love since forever.

Last summer, we came so close to a night of passion—but dark magic stole him before we could finish what we started.

Now, Evan has returned to Willow Creek, determined to set things right. But when your half-fae father is determined to destroy your coven and drain every last drop of magic, setting things right isn’t exactly child’s play.

Could the answer to our problems lie in the pages of a book? Or could a doorway to another realm hold the key? And can Evan and I find a way to finish what we started last summer?

Amazon ~ Goodreads

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