Book Review of A Song of Sea and Shore by Katherine Macdonald

My Review

I have no words to describe this. Pun intended? Maybe a little. As of yet, A Song of Sea and Shore is my favorite of all of Katherine Macdonald’s works I have read so far, and let me tell you, I loved Kingdom of Thorns like nobody’s business.

The author broke my heart, then patched it up, broke it again, patched it up, and maybe repeated the process a few more times after that. This story was so emotional and so well-crafted, it brought me to tears on several occasions. I loved the characters and the hard choices they had to make throughout the book. I loved the uniqueness of a plot we have heard time and again. I especially loved this different type of hero the author painted (another pun, sorry!), one who is quiet, thoughtful, creative, and emotional. Did I also mention he blushes easily?

The Little Mermaid is one of my favorite fairy tales, and I adored this particular retelling. I absolutely recommend!

My rating: 5+ stars

Favorite Quote

I knew that whatever evil they were capable of, whatever carelessness, they were just as capable of kindness, and for that reason alone I would defend them until I was no more than foam on the sea.


A treaty broken. A promise forgotten. A friendship lost.

When the Sea Queen threatens war with the land folk, her youngest daughter Nerina defies her by heading to shore to warn them, and return to Prince Kai, the boy she’s loved ever since she was a child.

But tricked by the Sea Witch, Neri finds herself unable to communicate who she is, and baffled that everyone seems to have forgotten that mermaids exist at all. Mysteries and heartbreak surround both the lands of sea and shore, and to save them, Neri and Kai must be willing to sacrifice anything…

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