Book Review of The Scarred Mage of Roseward: Prisoner by Sylvia Mercedes

Book Review

At book one, I craved more. At book two, I can say I might actually be addicted to the world Sylvia Mercedes has created in The Scarred Mage of Roseward series. In his past, Soran Silveri was not a good guy. He was arrogant and selfish. But in this book, I truly got to see the beauty deep within his soul. His dedication to keep others safe. His need to protect Nelle from the dangers she faces each day. I couldn’t help but fall a little more in love with Soran, and I can’t wait to see how he continues to grow in the next and final book.

My rating: 5 stars

Favorite Quote

“Magic does not come quickly for anyone. Not even the fae receive their powers or control of those powers all at once–a young bird is born with the ability to fly, to soar to the highest reaches of the heavens, yet it must wait for its feathers to grow. The more powerful the bird, the longer it takes. A little songbird may leave the nest within mere weeks. The phoenix, however, requires many months.”


After fifteen years of imprisonment and solitude, Soran Silveri’s life is rudely interrupted by the arrival of one brash, headstrong, flame-haired girl. He cannot refuse her appeals for sanctuary—but he can resist her pleas for him to teach her magic. If the suspicions he harbors about her prove true, tapping into her magic potential could spell disaster.

Nelle has survived the first hurdle of her mission on Roseward Isle: She convinced the disgraced mage to let her stay. Now, if she can only find his hidden spellbook, she could return home in time to save Papa. It should be simple enough.

But as the danger stalking Roseward Isle closes in, a situation that once seemed simple grows more complex by the day. Can Soran bear to send away the woman who has instilled his life with new meaning and purpose? Can Nelle betray the man who has opened her eyes to possibilities she never knew existed?

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