Book Review of Lord of Time by Michele Amitrani

“Time’s a trickster. Reign over it, or be reigned over by it.”

I expected this to be a book full of awesome action and epic time lording with sci-fi or fantasy elements, but I’m surprised it turned out to be more philosophical than anything. Lots of deep questions to ponder. Plenty of self-searching and understanding ourselves in the world we live in. Interesting concept. Thought-provoking. It takes me back to my philosophy classes in college.

The author puts his thoughts about the concept of time in fiction form. This was well-written with interesting characters and a twist at the end I didn’t see coming.

Although I was disappointed that this book turned out to be something I was not expecting, and I kept waiting for something awesome to happen, it was still pretty good.

My rating: 3.5 stars

FAvorite Quote

“You can lose yourself in nothingness more easily than you can imagine,” he repeated loudly, as if he were casting a spell. “It happens fast. When your whole life starts to look like the same old movie, the daily routine and habits make everything look stale. The repetition, the copy-and-paste of one day onto the next, are like repeated cases of déjà vu carrying you closer and closer to the grave.”


Time doesn’t heal all wounds. It makes them deeper.

Alfred White’s only concern in life is his career. Until he meets Pacific, a mysterious man who questions Alfred’s obedience to a system designed to harvest people’s time.

Yes. Time. Pacific seems to know the inner truth behind time, and he will share this knowledge—if Alfred will accept his mentorship for one day. But Alfred soon learns that the road to temporal knowledge is paved with death and destruction.

And, as the day continues, Alfred discovers another truth: there is nothing Pacific wouldn’t do for more time.

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