Blurb Reveal: Bloodscourge

Coming March 1, 2021

Bloodscourge Blurb

Fate has given her a second chance. The only things Elisabeta knows how to do is lie, cheat, and swindle. When her brother learns of a treasure worth kingdoms lying in the heart of Ichor Knell, the great vampire city, he sends her to steal it. However, the key to the treasury is safeguarded by the captain of the guard, a brute named Dracula.

Dracula cannot resist the beautiful and mysterious Elisabeta. As danger erupts in Ichor Knell, he is forced into a precarious position to resist the evil within the city and to protect his family and the woman he cares for immensely.

Despite the connection he feels for her, the secrets she hides could be deadly to them both. Will the truth tie them for eternity or set them on a path of destruction?

More About Bloodscourge

There are six books in The Bloodborn Series, though only two are currently published. Bloodscourge was the fifth book I wrote, and I loved it sooooooo much that I just couldn’t wait for two more books to be published before it made its debut.

Bloodscourge takes place 1000 years before Bloodborn, so it didn’t really matter if I published it out of order. Dracula is a bit different from the other protagonists in the series. He’s brash. He’s a little bit sadistic. And he’ll do ANYTHING for family. Doesn’t matter what it is. If his family is in danger, he’ll do it.

Despite his “captain persona”, he has a big heart, even if it’s sometimes made of stone.

But even stone hearts can crack…

If you want to get a feel for the story, here’s the perfect song for it. “I’d rather be the hunter than the prey…you’ve got to be so cold to make it in this world.”

I’m looking forward to March 1st! I’ll keep you guys updated of some awesome things I have planned ahead.

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