Book Review of A Tale of Ice and Ash by Katherine Macdonald

My Review

I really liked Katherine Macdonald’s take on the Snow White fairytale. The world building was truly unique and interesting. There was surprising depth to the characters, and I love the idea that people aren’t just born evil. They’re created. The author does a very good job at building that up and expanding on it throughout the story.

My absolute favorite part about this book was all the flirting. There was a lot of it, and the banter between the characters constantly had me cracking a smile. I also loved Onyx. He was the perfect grumpy but loving father dwarf.

A Tale of Ice and Ash is a great addition to the fairy tale retellings in this series, and I look forward to reading what’s next.

My rating: 4 stars

Favorite Quote

“Oh no, woman, I know what you’re like. First it’s ‘I’m just giving the stray cat a saucer of milk’ and the next thing you know, we have five cats.’”

“How was I to know she was expecting?”

“We have five cats, Garnet!”


“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who will come to save us all?”

Five years after her stepmother tried to have her killed, Eirwen has built a new life in the woods. Far from the princess she was meant to be, she is now a skilled treasure hunter and master of the Dwarven underground.

Eirwen’s peaceful existence is shattered when she crosses paths with Cole, the son of her enemy, and a thorn in her side growing up. Eirwen learns that though she escaped the evil queen’s clutches, the kingdom she left behind has suffered. Together with her adoptive family, she raises an army to restore her rightful place on the throne.

But something is stirring Under the Mountain, a centuries-old secret begging to break free…

Amazon ~ Goodreads

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